The MK Myth: A Novel of Milton Keynes

  • Fri, 14 Sep 2018

    The MK Myth: A Novel of Milton Keynes - Book Launch
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    The MK Myth: A Novel of Milton Keynes - Walking and Reading Tour
  • Sun, 16 Sep 2018

    The MK Myth: A Novel of Milton Keynes - Walking and Reading Tour with talk

Tracing the Pathway and Phil Smith

‘The MK Myth’ is a novel based on walking Milton Keynes. It has created a new myth for the city and anyone can walk its route and enjoy its fictional adventure, either reading as they wander or in the comfort of their armchair. The novel seeks to respond to the generally accepted misrepresentation of MK as a soulless collection of roundabouts and reveals the ignored mysteries, wonders and tragedies of the city. The book comes with a fully-described route through the city that a reader can follow. Indeed, the reader can literally walks in the footsteps of the central character ‘K’, a young woman who works as a marketing rep in a local company, as she finds herself having to cross the city on foot and discovering a city within the city, a city she had always been so close to but never knew. Along the way she meets a vast array of local characters from Amazon delivery men and wheezy female tour guides to a sixteenth century alchemist and the Archangel Gabriel. She visits a huge array of places from beautiful chapels to hidden wastelands, from suburban obelisks to splendid windmills. The plot of the novel concerns how attempts by ‘K’ to promote her new marketing programme become sidetracked by a war in heaven and ‘K’ get caught up in a battle between two motley groups of characters; but are they all parts of her own imagination? The resolution of her dilemmas and predicament is one that the reader plays a part in choosing. 

Published in hard copy form and available for purchase at local bookshops, civic venues and libraries, the book will contain maps/routes of the rep’s journeys, so that readers can not only imagine these, but walk them for themselves.

Route & Meeting Points:

Novel covers: Central MK – Oldbrook – Fishermead – Eaglestone – Peartree Bridge – Woughton-on-the-Green – Oakgrove – Middleton – Milton Keynes Village – Willen – Willen Park – Pennyland – Great Linford – Stone Pit Field – New Bradwell – Bradville – Blue Bridge – Bancroft – Bradwell – Wymbush – Loughton Lodge – Great Holm – Loughton – Central MK – Campbell Park – Downhead Park – Downs Barn – Campbell Park.